Beach Blanket Babylon – San Francisco

    There are many reasons to visit San Francisco; Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate, Union Square, Chinatown, Cable Cars, World‐class Dining – however, let me introduce you to a new reason to visit the City, in and of itself: Beach Blanket Babylon.

What’s Beach Blanket Babylon? Its an indescribable
entertainment experience; a song and dance review that’s been playing nonstop for the last 36 years. 36 years? Yes. This funny‐named social commentary has been playing at the Club Fugazi since 1974 and at the rate it’s going it will be playing into the 22nd Century. Broadly described, Beach Blanket Babylon is a parody on life as we see it, and is it evolves around us. It is quintessentially San Francisco. The leading character is Show White, from San Francisco, who travels the world looking for love. She is guided by a fairy godmother, who is a combination of Oprah Winfrey and Glinda the Good Witch. On her quest she encounters a variety of characters – in Italy it’s the Moon hitting her


in the eye,like a big Pizza Pie. In San Francisco we revisit
the Summer of Love, with today’s touch. In France, we
meet Louie Lew Eye, a flaming Louis 15th with an entourage
of singing French Poodles. On her journey she meets dancing
rabbis singing “Have a Tequila”. Fast‐moving vignettes introduce us to timely topics: Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, New (Old) Governor Jerry Brown, Susan Boyle – nothing is taboo, everything is fair game. The kitsch is so Groucho Marx, that even a stiffupper‐lip Englishman will groan and howl with delight. It’s so over‐the‐top you’ll be pinching yourself but it works, boy does it work. When you hear Show White rapping you know that the producers are on top of current events and are incorporating them into the show. A hilarious aside shows Tiger Woods wearing a trophy being chased by Elen.




The fairy   Godmother morphs into Oprah Winfrey,
giving advice, and then transforms into Tina Turner
belting out “What’s Love Got To Do With It” while
answering the question – nothing at all. Show White
morphs into Madonna doing “Like A Virgin” and then
flies through the air a‐la peter Pan before returning to
San Francisco, older and wiser, only to find that what
who’s been looking for has always been there in the
City by the Bay.

You think the show is over, but it is not. There’s more amazing costumes and an invitation to the City to Open Its Golden Gate by which time the audience is standing, yelling applauding, clapping and smiling. They file into the street only to encounter the people waiting for the next sold‐out performance, who will be standing, yelling, clapping, in the next couple of hours – you get the picture?


For 36 years this has been going on.
Only in San Francisco. This show is one‐of‐akind.
It’s worth flying in just to see Beach
Blanket Babylon. You must be part of the
audience to have the comprehension of
what its all about. Just don’t bring a camera
– they’re strictly prohibited. I guess the
best commentary came from my guest, who
saw it for the first time: She had a big smile,
walked out the door and said two words.
It’s Magic”.
Club Fugazi is located on Beach Blanket
Babylon Blvd close to the intersection of Columbus
and Green Call 415‐421‐4222 for tix &

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